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How would you like to click a button and receive benefit information like the sheet attached for your patients?  You can!  That is exactly how our Benefit Assistant program works.

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Dental practices have different needs when it comes to checking patient benefit information. The traditional ways of checking benefit coverage can be time consuming and in many cases lead to inaccurate coverage information.  Therefore, ExtraDent developed the Benefit Assistant (BA) to assist clients in retrieving this information.  The goal of BA is to provide a comprehensive approach in acquiring accurate patient benefit information while saving time and money for those enrolled in the service.

For payers participating in electronic benefit coverage, benefit information such as eligibility, plan benefits, maximums, deductibles, patient history and percentage paid can be acquired. The information received is displayed in an easy-to-read format that can be printed and shared with the patient.

BA will also address those electronic requests which occasionally get rejected for reasons that are not specific enough to resolve. This tedious process can be easily resolved by BA. Rejections will be addressed by an assigned ExtraDent representative who will review it, contact the payer (if needed) and provide a resolution for resubmission.

For payers who still do not transmit electronic benefit coverage, an ExtraDent representative will be assigned to the requests.  The representative will directly contact those payers and gather the coverage information to provide a summary of patient benefits. 

To get more information or to enroll in the Benefit Assistant service please click here and provide your contact information.